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About Gill

Gill has been in music education since she qualified as a secondary school teacher in 1983. Over the past 20 years she has worked with a whole range of age groups from 12 week old babies to post graduate students. She currently spends a large part of her time running successful and very popular music groups for babies and toddlers.
Gill has always had a very keen interest in singing and studied with Cynthia Glover and Honer Shepard. She has been a member of several excellent chamber choirs including The Paragon Singers and The Brandon Hill Singers and has been able to put her skills to good use in training choirs. For eleven years she directed The South Avon Youth Chorale who enjoyed repeated success in competitions including reaching the televised quarter finals of The Sainsbury’s Choirs of the Year Competition on two successive occasions. She currently runs a small choir called Muzica and gives singing lessons to a growing number of young people.


Gill’s enthusiasm for working (in music) with young people, including babies and toddlers, has always been fired by the sheer pleasure which everyone gets from participating in musical activities no matter how simple and of course, in the case of a performance, by the pleasure given to and shown by an audince.


Nurturing a love 

of music in the early years

Estalished in 1999



Gill founded Tingill Musical Youth Productions with friend Tina Kelly in 2003. Tingill is music, dance and drama performance group, catering for children aged 4 - 17 years.


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